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About the A.M.R.F.

AMRF, Inc., is a publicly supported, not-for-profit corporation.  It was established in 1994, with the assistance of the Alaskan Malamute Club of America, Inc.

The purposes of the Foundation are to promote and facilitate health research that will benefit and help to ensure the continued survival of the Alaskan Malamute as a breed, and to educate the general public about hereditary and non-hereditary health conditions affecting the Alaskan Malamute.  AMRF sponsors its own research projects, cooperates in on-going investigations, and is also a major contributor to AKC's Canine Health Foundation.

As a publicly supported corporation under 501(c)(3), the Alaskan Malamute Research Foundation can accept personal & corporate contributions and bequests.  All such donations are tax-deductible.

Send contributions to:


2091 66TH AVE,

FENNVILLE MI 49408-9712

Updates from A.M.R.F.

A Dog DJ makes you dance with her incredible scratch “VIDEO”

DJ dog

This dog owned by a member of wedding dj melbourne group not only seems to have excellent hearing, but also has all DJ relaxed attitude, as if the public did not care.

And yes, the dog probably is not doing the trick, only the scratching -Identify sometimes it’s good to see a video without analyzing all the details and just enjoy.


Two Alaskan dogs look after the baby

A YouTube video of two dogs Alaskan malamute that mimic a baby crawling as he makes his way down the hallway of his house has been rated as “very cute”, so be careful not to keep watching this if you still it is at work and not prone to smile at work.

Two Alaskan Huskies a leg to tracking technique lend baby

Screenshot / YouTube video Kenji Chen

The video made by Kenji Chen has already been viewed 265,000 times according to Huffington, and shows the two dogs called Brown Sugar and Rice candy following an adorable little baby; however dogs are shaking down the aisle in a crawl after the baby move and crawl.

The mother of the baby, nicknamed maple syrup declared purpose of the video is to show how pets and babies can be best friends.

Did I mention that both dogs are rescues?

The American Kennel Club describes Alaskan malamutes as very intelligent dogs that are very athletic, loving and kind. They are an athletic breed and require daily exercise, and their thick coats prefer colder climates.

Kenji Chen has other YouTube videos with dogs skating and cycling and how to buy views on youtube.

Take a break from your day and watch the video. It is sure to delight.


There is nothing better than having a dog as true protagonist in a film. For this reason putlocker has decided to collect the 10 stands best movies and talking about them so you can remember them, because many are part of our lives, and morever, you are able to watch all your favourite movies for free online at


The real name of this giant St. Bernard was Chris.


Eight Below poster.jpg

Eight Below is a 2006 American adventure drama film based on Antarctica by Toshirô Ishidô, Koreyoshi Kurahara, Tatsuo Nogami and Susumu Saji. It was produced by Patrick Crowley and David Hoberman, directed by Frank Marshall with music by Mark Ishamand written by David DiGilio. It stars Paul Walker, Bruce Greenwood, Moon Bloodgood, and Jason Biggs. It was released theatrically on February 17, 2006, by Walt Disney Pictures in the United States.


The real Lassie who worked in the first film was called Pal and in deliveries following their descendants staged it.


In the film spots them and this adorable dog infected treads, which appear on the glass of the car appear and disappear in one sequence to another.

Superagente K-9

The role of Jerry Lee was played by a dog named Rando.


MILO is the dog that came with Jim Carrey in this fantastic film. It plays one much larger role in the movie of the “son of the mask” but in this we worship it.

The Artist

Jennifer got to have a star on the walk of Fame with its footprint, the performance in this film.

Los Simpsons

Santa’s little helper is one of our favorites in the first chapters of the series in Spain is known as the buttons of Santa.


Launched in the United States thirty-five years, ten months and two days after the original 101 Dalmatians (1961) film.


This is without doubt a Top Ten “movie dogs”. Reno, has survived to a film with Chuck Norris.

La dama y el vagabundo

Walt Disney wanted to cut this scene from the two dogs eating spaghetti, because they believed that it was absurd that two pets were eating pasta Bolognese. Thank goodness that, in the end, never got it to eliminate the final production because we love to us and our dogs.

Fitness training for dogs

Pet gimanasio

Embark on creating a fitness center pet as this market is one of the largest in our country


Exercise is a very important for the health and quality of life of our pets factor. In addition, it is proved that if the animals do not move and discharge energy naturally, is stressed.

Today, overweight is common in these household members, especially in big cities. This is because many times the owners are too tired to take them out for a walk or just do not have the time to do it, so they end up locked up, without performing any physical activity, moving only to its most essential tasks. In addition, they are pampered with excess ofreciéndoseles continually food  and all sorts of goodies.

The obesity in pets causes a series of joint discomfort or dysplasias, and other cardiac problems, respiratory or hormonal imbalances. And it’s not an easy issue to deal with , because, for example, if a dog climbing a kilo a week, you need a month to lower it ; while slimming five kilos, you must sweat a full year. That is why that emerged specialized gyms in pets.

In Mexico, 80% of households have a pet. According to the latest population census, 40% of Mexican households own a dog; and only 9% have a cat.

This confirms that this and all related businesses the world of mascots represent a great business opportunity.

This idea to make money is to create a company able to offer a service specialized exercises for pets.

The main objectives are: fitness and strengthening muscles to keep them healthy; and rehabilitation, after suffering an accident or illness, private training gym NYC.

It is recommended that you equip your establishment with treadmills, stairs and obstacles to jump;besides using balls of different sizes for balancing exercises. The use of these devices should be guided personalized way.

You will be very useful, and more attractive to your customers, if you design a catalog of specialized routines for each type of pet, his sufferings, physical contextures and ages.

In addition, you can supplement your conditioning service with the delivery of education courses for puppies. For this it is necessary that you have 1 or 2 experienced teachers in training . You can group your students into small groups, which do not exceed 10.

If you get the capital to install a pool in your gym, you have to worry about controlling the cleaning water and not cause contamination between healthy and infected pets. To prevent this, be sure to use disinfectant to kill any bacteria. On the other hand, as your center will aim to provide rehabilitation, it is recommended that you use water in the pool is warm, because it is very beneficial for muscle activation.

If your services are able to improve by far the relationship between animals and their owners get prestige and additional value for your business.

The Pet’s Health Organization recommend to improve your dog’s intelligence , not just physical health

Everyone knows to exercise the dogs physically , but we forget intelligence, memory and determination. Dogs have the instinctive need to adapt to the environment in which they live, this can be stressful but they are prepared psychologically and adaptability skills, memory and reaction are undeveloped. Through various games and intelimax iq we will make our dog exercise your mind and have fun. With these exercises also our dog, whether adult or puppy, increase your ability to solve problems get.

The first thing to keep in mind when playing with our dog, is that whatever the game, we are in control, we are who decided when it begins and when it ends. One of the exercises that encourage mental ability is “steeplechase”. This test helps the dog to solve the problems that arise and motivates him to get the prize.  The steeplechase can knock down two chairs on the floor and put them together, forming a barrier. Leave the prize on the opposite side to that is the animal, as he looks at us. When everything is ready, we will let the dog solves how to get the prize. Instead of two chairs, we can put any equipment or furniture that allows the dog go around, go under or above.  We can complicate the exercise adding obstacles, timing the dog to ever faster or saying by orders that road must follow. With this kind of evidence we could increase the determination of our friend. Also, with this type of games / exercises, we can test the ability of our dog sports like agility. The hideout hide a prize behind furniture, while the dog looks at us. After the dog will draw the room and leave him in about 30 seconds later. Our dog will remember the place where we have hidden their prize and find it .The waiting time outside the room may vary. The aim of this game is to exercise the memory of our dog while we had fun. The trilero This game will make with the help of three goblets large enough for our dog’s can grab with his mouth, but can not be swallow. We begin with a single goblet and we will incorporate the rest as our dog guesses right. While our dog is watching us, we will place a premium (bacon, sausage …) under the bucket. Then he let go and find out. This game increases the ability to solve problems and determination. It is important to remember that we should not get angry because our dog take longer to do an exercise or not get it . It may not be a good time to do these exercises. We must find the right time, in which he is attentive and downloaded some physical energy, but is not exhausted. It is advisable to make these games right after our dog has eaten, because it will not show interest in the awards. We also need tocomplete each of these exercises with praise and good words, that our friend’s related to something fun and good for him. Surely this type of testing stimulate our dog and help us keep learning with him. (Any toy that we use must be of sufficient size so that our dog is not what can swallow and is safe from drowning)

The foot care of your dog: the dog nails and pads

Daily dogs run, jump and play, activities which over the years are generated wear on the dog’s legs, specifically on the pads. Our dog’s paws must care because their health depends on them. According to doctors from Newark Foot Doctor, the most vital parts that must care for your dog’s paws are nails and pads .

Dog nails

  • At the root of the nail of the dog are nerve endings and blood vessels grow as fingernails grow.
  • They grow and eventually wear or filed naturally while walking, play, run, etc. on hard and rough surfaces like the floor, sidewalk, pavement. Therefore it is important to exercise your dog.
  • You must not let the dog’s nails grow too because they can cause you discomfort and pain when walking, and may even hurt someone unintentionally (when playing).

When to cut dog nails?

If you notice or hear a particular sound when your dog walks, it’s time to cut them.


Cushions or pads and dog

  • They help to maintain balance.
  • Function as shock absorbers in the jumps.
  • They provide flexibility evenly distributing the weight on each pad of the finger movement.
  • Protect bones and joints of the legs, preventing cracks and other damage.
  • Isolate heat and cold, helping to regulate body temperature.
  • They are thick and rough, allowing them to withstand difficult ground conditions.
  • The pads are composed of numerous nerve endings.

dog paws

Common problems in the dog’s paws

  • Bite, lick or chew the legs can often indicate an allergy.
  • Color change in their pads, usually easily reddening, blistering or burns due to high temperatures on the surface of the tread surface to the dog.
  • For cuts in the leg, be careful the kind of surface they walk the dogs. They should wash the affected areas well and apply some antiseptic cream and put some gauze around the leg and cover it so that you are not quite too soon.
  • Cracks, cuts or infections, it is advisable to apply some cream or oil on the pads to ride again.
  • Limp or refuse to walk. Because the dog steps on any surface as dry soil, small stones or thorns, these are housed between the pads and double check and clean the area.
  • Foreign objects lodged in the leg. Carefully remove any foreign objects and check such returns to walk the animal.

Remember to consult your veterinarian, who better than him to help determine the problem and take proper remedy for your pet.

dog paws

Tips to care and protect the dog’s paws

  • Cut dog nails when they touch the ground.
  • Trim the hair protruding from the pads.
  • Periodically clean your dog’s paws with a cloth soaked in hot water, removing all residues and finally dry thoroughly, removing any excess moisture.
  • Inspect the surface on which stepped on the dog and make sure it is free of sharp objects, thorns, gum or anything that is dangerous to walk around the city is safe for our friend. In any case, after walking, should review their pads for possible sores or wounds that heal there.
  • Combine asphalt areas with green areas in the city walk the dog protects the pads.
  • Not all soils or surfaces are equal to the dog’s paws, begins with short walks to suit your dog.
  • Use appropriate creams and balms to hydrate pads.
  • Provide accurate baths as part of their routine daily hygiene habit is another essential not only to care for their health but also the health of your pads.
  • Give a massage with some frequency in the legs.

In any case, not all surfaces are equal and soils (sand, rocks, snow, floor, grass, dirt, etc.), some materials are more aggressive than others for pillows dog. It is advisable to start the animal walks by soft and gentle, grassy and damp areas. Examine your dog’s feet regularly and performs this routine as a preventive checkup will help you prevent and identify minor issues before they become problems severe, your dog will thank you. I invite you to make us your feedback and we platiques if your dog has suffered any of these problems and what was the solution, participate!

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