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7 films of dogs that are sure to thrill

Only those who have had a pet dog know the loyalty and devotion that these animals profess their owners (whether he deserves it or not). There are HD Movies that have managed to portray the intrinsic characteristics of dogs brilliantly and without being excellent films, all have managed to move us to tears.

Here are a selection of 7películas about dogs that will thrill you (unless you’ve never had a dog … or you’re dead inside).

No. 7 Far from Home: The Adventures of Yellow Dog (1995)

Young Angus ( Jesse Bradford ) finds and adopts Yellow , a farmer with congenia quickly. Later, Angus is lost during a storm, being stranded on an island in British Columbia with their dog. While rescue teams looking for the boy, he is forced to survive in the forest along with Yellow, hunting, collecting fruits and facing both the elements and wild animals. When Angus is rescued, Yellow falls into a river, but returns home days later, where Angus expected.

# 6 Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey (1993)

Based on a children ‘s book by Sheila Burnford, follows the story of three animals: Chance , a puppy American bulldog; Sassy , a Persian cat, and Shadow , an old golden retriever. The three pets are left by his family on a farm because they had to travel for several months. Shadow, guided by loyalty to its owner (the eldest son) decides to go look, so the other animals accompany him back home.Along the way they have several adventures, crossing with wild animals and dangerous situations that further strengthen their friendship.

# 5 Marley & Me (2008)

Based on the autobiographical book by journalist and columnist John Grogan(played in the film by Owen Wilson ), about life with his wife Jenny ( Jennifer Aniston ), the beginning of his family and adding to home Marley , a Labrador retriever extremely restless, noisy and destructive (though never with malice).What begins as a family comedy, gradually acquiring a highly dramatic character when portrays the life lessons that inadvertently transmitted the dog who, over the years become part of the home.

# 4 The Plague Dogs (1982)

Based on a novel by Richard Adams, about two dogs ( Rowf , a farmer, andSnitter , a terrier) escaping from a research laboratory. Being released, the animals remember their former lives as domestic dogs, but they are persecuted by their former captors, who spread the false news that dogs are contaminated with some kind of contagious pathogen. Snitter Rowf and moral dilemmas exposed by having to kill cattle to feed as they remember the cruelty to which they were subjected in the laboratory.

# 3 Arano Sakebi no Koe: Howl, Buck (1981)

Based on the novel The Call of the Wild by Jack London , follows the life of Buck, a big, strong dog is stolen and sold ending in Alaska, where sled dog become.With each new owner, Buck becomes a different, more distrustful, fierce and aggressive animal because of the mistreatment of their masters the subject and wildlife of the pack of sled dogs. It is finally in possession of an explorer and prospector who protects and loyalty and affection is earned, while exploring its primitive side next to a pack of wolves.

# 2 Old Yeller (1957)

Based on a book by Fred Gipson about a family of farmers and settlers from the West who adopts Old Yeller , a semi – wild dog. Over time, Yeller family affection, mainly earns Travis ( Tommy Kirk ), the eldest son, who was not excited about the pet. During an attack on the farm by a rabid wolf, Yeller protect your home and family, but is injured and spread of rabies. Knowing a potential danger, Travis must make the painful decision to sacrifice his pet.

# 1 Hachi: A Dog’s Tale (2009)

Remake of a Japanese film based on a real case. Professor Parker ( Richard Gere) adopts Hachi , an abandoned train station puppy, Parker took the train every day to go to work and back in the evenings. Hachi begins to go to the station to meet his own and quickly becomes known among the locals. After the sudden death of Professor, Hachi never stops going to the station to await the return of their master, as the people around you can not help but be moved by the loyalty of the dog to its owner.

Have you seen these movies dogs ? What did you like best? Browse more movies here at Watch Movies Online.

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