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Benefits of having a dog during pregnancy

When a woman becomes pregnant and there is a pet at home, the questions may arise: what will we do with a dog and a baby at home? Will it be compatible? Quiet, you’re not a bad person for thinking about your baby before your pet. However, this article will be a great relief for you, because having a dog during pregnancy brings endless benefits.

To know some of these benefits , we will dedicate this article in which we intend to give you at least 9 reasons why to have a dog during and after pregnancy.

Will take care of you during pregnancy
A dog is a symbol of empathy , it does not matter if it is a male and it has never been or is pregnant, it will understand you perfectly and will be watching you 24 hours a day.

They say that dogs have a special meaning with pregnant women, who know how they feel and know how to make them feel good.

In addition it will not demand that you play with him, because he knows that you are not 100% and he will understand it. Do not you think it’s cute?

You will know before you that you are pregnant
Although this is not a scientifically proven issue, there have been many women’s healthcare who say that their dog knew before they were pregnant.

This should not be strange, given that it has been scientifically and medically demonstrated that dogs can detect various diseases, including cancer, through their sense of smell.

You will know the exact moment when your baby will be born
Before you have the last contractions, do not be surprised if your puppy starts bringing your shoes and your bag to the hospital. He can sense when your baby is about to come into the world.

It will be by your side, it will not separate from you and it is possible that it even emits a howl.

You will never be alone
Whether you are a single mother or not, it is likely that you will spend a lot of time alone in your pregnancy while your husband, if you have one, is at work.

If you already had a dog, or if you decided to have it during pregnancy, he will be your faithful and loyal companion , the one who will never be separated from you, the one who will never leave you alone. And I’m sure you’ll be very grateful to have someone close to you in this new stage of your life.

It will prepare you to be a mother
Having a dog before being pregnant is a preparation for motherhood . In fact, it is not difficult to have heard women talking to their pets referring to them as their children or saying that they are their moms.

And is that a dog needs attention, is totally dependent on us and that is to prepare to be aware of the new person that will shortly come to your life.

It will have delicacy
It does not matter that your dog weighs 50 kilos, you will see that when you notice that you are pregnant it will be delicate and careful, as if afraid of hurting you.

And if you see that lately your dog acts like this when he has never done it before, go to the gynecologist, we are sure he has good news for you.

A pregnant has many mood changes that no one seems to understand, so feel loved by someone, even a pet, and despite their mood changes, greatly improve their emotional system.

Reduce stress
Being pregnant for the first time can create many doubts in the mind that in turn cause stress. Having a dog nearby that gives you love and that you can hug will relax you and make you feel better.

And when the baby arrives …
When the baby arrives, your pet will be your best caregiver, even better than you . You can perceive any change in your body wherever you are with your baby. Your pet will not allow any unknown person to approach your little one.

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