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It is usual and on the other hand very easy not to differentiate well between these two Nordic races that occupy us in this post, and whether we tell you what the main differences will continue to be difficult to differentiate them correctly, in fact in the Mushing that is currently considered a Sport, but it has been and still is, a form of Nordic transport characterized by the use of dogs (Alaskan Malamute and Siberian Husky) and skis, which is used to move on snowy surfaces quickly, there are people who can not differentiate yet A Malamute or a Husky is pulling the sled.
In the appearance of the dog it is possible to emphasize that the Husky is a very proportioned corporal talking dog, which reflects a balance between speed, resistance and force, nevertheless the Malamute, is a dog with a much more powerful appearance, thus providing the dog resistance and strength.
This allows each to perform different functions, the Husky will allow us to drag lighter loads at higher speeds while the Malamute will drag loads much heavier and over long distances.
As for its size and weight, there are also differences since the Malamute usually measures about 10 centimeters more in both males and females and their weight can exceed in more than 10 kilograms to the Husky.
Another of the most obvious differences that we could observe is in his head, since the Alaskan Malamute is large in relation to his body and also has a broad snout, while the Husky has a middle head in proportion to his body.
If we look at the heads of both we would find another difference that helps to distinguish them … they are their ears !, usually both are medium in size although compared to the Alaskan head, they look small, being triangular, with the tips Rounded and widely separated. While the Siberian are also triangular but located very high in the head and less rounded than the Malamute, you can check a Medium list here.
Finally talk about his temperament and character, Alaskan Malamute is affectionate and friendly to people, as is the Husky who is also gentle and outgoing, however the Malamute is calmer than the Husky, which is a very active dog. Another significant difference is that Malamute can be very dominant with dogs, especially if they are of the same sex, whereas the Husky is not usually the same.
There are other characteristics that differentiate both races but are very specific and difficult to appreciate, such as tail, feet, top line, expression …
Could you differentiate them now? We hope that these notions will serve to achieve this.

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