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Fitness training for dogs

Pet gimanasio

Embark on creating a fitness center pet as this market is one of the largest in our country


Exercise is a very important for the health and quality of life of our pets factor. In addition, it is proved that if the animals do not move and discharge energy naturally, is stressed.

Today, overweight is common in these household members, especially in big cities. This is because many times the owners are too tired to take them out for a walk or just do not have the time to do it, so they end up locked up, without performing any physical activity, moving only to its most essential tasks. In addition, they are pampered with excess ofreciéndoseles continually food  and all sorts of goodies.

The obesity in pets causes a series of joint discomfort or dysplasias, and other cardiac problems, respiratory or hormonal imbalances. And it’s not an easy issue to deal with , because, for example, if a dog climbing a kilo a week, you need a month to lower it ; while slimming five kilos, you must sweat a full year. That is why that emerged specialized gyms in pets.

In Mexico, 80% of households have a pet. According to the latest population census, 40% of Mexican households own a dog; and only 9% have a cat.

This confirms that this and all related businesses the world of mascots represent a great business opportunity.

This idea to make money is to create a company able to offer a service specialized exercises for pets.

The main objectives are: fitness and strengthening muscles to keep them healthy; and rehabilitation, after suffering an accident or illness, private training gym NYC.

It is recommended that you equip your establishment with treadmills, stairs and obstacles to jump;besides using balls of different sizes for balancing exercises. The use of these devices should be guided personalized way.

You will be very useful, and more attractive to your customers, if you design a catalog of specialized routines for each type of pet, his sufferings, physical contextures and ages.

In addition, you can supplement your conditioning service with the delivery of education courses for puppies. For this it is necessary that you have 1 or 2 experienced teachers in training . You can group your students into small groups, which do not exceed 10.

If you get the capital to install a pool in your gym, you have to worry about controlling the cleaning water and not cause contamination between healthy and infected pets. To prevent this, be sure to use disinfectant to kill any bacteria. On the other hand, as your center will aim to provide rehabilitation, it is recommended that you use water in the pool is warm, because it is very beneficial for muscle activation.

If your services are able to improve by far the relationship between animals and their owners get prestige and additional value for your business.

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