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Fun apps on BlackBerry 10 for pet lovers

This week, the BlackBerry World store in Venezuela has prepared a special group of dedicated apps for users who love their pets.

Take all the life data of your pet where you go, find news and useful information on behavior and personal care according to the type of pet you have, also choose the ideal name for your new companion and receive daily simple tips to train it.

You only have to enter PGP BlackBerry World of Venezuela to start enjoying all these applications on your BlackBerry 10 Smartphone.


Try different clothes and accessories in pets, choosing the race that you like the most. You can also upload your own designs to the game and take advantage of the opportunity to promote your creations with other users. (Free application).

Pet Journal

A simple way to have all the important information and information about your pet. Create independent profiles with your photo for your pet, add descriptions, medical information, and more. (Application pays).

Animals Magazine

The best way to find out about the latest news from the world of pets. Find information of interest and specific topics related to health, happiness and care of your pet. (Application by subscription).

Pets Name Generator

You have already adopted your pet, the new member of the family, but you have no idea what name to put him. This application suggests different great and original names so you can choose the one that best suits your new pet. (Free application).

Pets Age

An application with special software that allows you to easily calculate the exact age of your pet, in addition to making the conversion to human age. (Free application).

Dog Whistle

A simple way to teach a good behavior and varied tricks to your dog. The application allows you to choose between four types of whistle, generating a high frequency sound that will help you educate your pet. (Free application).

My Pet

Ideal to protect all the data and important information of your pet so that you always have it at hand. You can create alert messages that remind you of appointments to the veterinarian or vaccines that you must administer to your pet. (Free application).

All About Cats

If you have a pet cat or would like to adopt one, this application is for you. Find all the information you need about cats: their breeds, food, special care, and any other questions you may have about these cats. (Free application).

For more information, visit the Venezuela store in BlackBerry World and download these and other applications that are of interest to you.

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