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How to wear sexy lingerie leopard print?

The leopard print is a classic in the world of printed matter. It has been present for many years whether it is in accessories or in a strong room.Yet he was for a long time connoted vulgar in spite of himself. In order to wear it without taking risks, follow my advice: learn to wear it in touches for the more moderate or to tame the animal and wear it as a strong room for the most courageous.

1) The choice of the leopard print

There are many kinds of leopard print, and many of them can make it quite “cheap” or even vulgar. In order to choose your leopard print piece, you need to rely on quality prints. First of all, there is the typical leopard which is essential: it is spotted black and fawn on beige background more or less dark. There are also variants of the leopard but I advise you to retain only one: the gray and black version which has a side a little more relaxed.

The material plays a lot on rendering. Try to always favor the beautiful matte materials without effects. Avoid synthetic materials at all costs. I also advise you to limit materials too sexy like silk for example. Its too fluid side is not suitable for this print. The best is to opt for a simple material such as cotton jersey or cotton.

The leopard is an animal print! A good way to not go wrong when you choose it is to opt for nappy materials! And yes, no surprise. Pumps or ballerinas in leopard colored leather look much more impressive than in satin print, so think about it. You can buy it on Sexy Lingerie Xoxo Australia.

As for the cut, avoid at all costs the cuts too tight or even a little romantic. In order to tame the material, one opts for basic and purified cuts, without ruffles nor link in leather by pity! A t-shirt in linen a little boyfriend in black and white leopard print will be perfect.

A short trapeze coat with collar Claudine in a style a few 60s but definitely rock will also go to delight. Do not think too first degree and wear the leopard on modern cuts in order to master it.

With which colors to associate the leopard print?

With what colors can you wear these unique designs? Here is a small color guide so as not to make mistakes :

  • The leopard goes with all neutral and basic colors like: navy blue, cream, nude, white, anthracite gray …

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