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One hundred and odd tiger dog malware associated denied included

Tiger rare hundred dogs included with the same malware Editor ‘s note declined: Since Qihoo 360 guards (360safe) security users “a hundred dogs” plug-in leaves the door open to doubt their reputation “software malicious counter “questioned, odd tiger suddenly became hostile to this by the odd tiger Hong Zhou, chairman of control behind the scenes” 100 dog “blacklist includes malware, sacrifice” of a hundred dogs “360 guards security also asked to wash the shameful stain. In order to completely disassociate themselves with hundreds of dogs, Qihoo hundred dogs yesterday formally included in the list of malicious software, plug-ins from the previous level of killing to manslaughter high level WP malware removal service. Qihoo spokesman incredible tiger has no association with a hundred dogs, and no interest involved.Recently, an anonymous user, a company called “list of martial arts” of the Internet company Qihoo president Zhou Hui investment, control of the plug-in, called hundred dogs (, and any installation of a said computer plug hundred dogs aslong as the demand for inputs in the website Baidu and Google search, relevant ads will become a show dog hundred advertisements provided. The Post said: “Zhou Hongli one hundred dog plug abruptly Baidu and Google in their own workers.” In the Baidu search, and the “hundred dog” related to the keyword “Uninstall hundred dog search, hundreds of dogs how to delete, delete hundreds of dog” breakdown 5.3, users of malware often use clean assistant, super rabbit, etc. . will be “a hundred dogs” is defined as malicious software, while Qihoo 360 security guards are not defined as malicious software …

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