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Pets, a great opportunity for online marketing

“The more I know the men, the more I love my dog,” said Diogenes de Sínope, a maxim that, far from being relegated to a minority, has become a generalized way of thinking within today’s society. According to data from the National Association of Pet Food Manufacturers (ANFAAC) , 49.3% of Spanish households have at least one pet . In this way, and taking the census of 2013, we find that 5.4 million dogs live in Spain, 3.8 million cats, 5.3 million birds, 3.9 million fish and 2 million domestic animals. another type.

In short, pets have become a part of the new family models of the 21st century , a member whose maintenance requires certain expenses that, according to some sources, can rise to around 1,500 euros per year .

This item includes numerous products and services that can be purchased in online stores , which has unleashed a fierce competition within the sector to make its way on the Internet and, as a result, has opened up great opportunities for online marketing. Not in vain all brands want to be found by their target audience when it looks for issues related to what they offer.

What do pet owners buy on the Internet?

The catalog of pet care products is so broad that the definition of keywords to position, both organic and paid, is exponentially multiplied:

  • Food: with food for different species, breeds, sizes, ages … and in different formats and sizes.
  • Transport: with cages, chains, belts, transports, etc.
  • Antiparasitic protection: both with supplements to be taken by the pet by mouth and with accessories (eg necklaces).
  • Hygiene products: including gels, soaps, towels, brushes …
  • Domestic ‘furniture’ : beds, booths, bowls, tanks …
  • Toys : some objects that take a prominent role due to their educational function as they are one of the most common ways to pet the pet.
  • Clothing : well with the aim of sheltering animals unaccustomed to cold climates, or with the purpose of following the latest fashion.

How do animal owners behave on the Internet?

When establishing the online marketing actions that we would apply in a business related to pets , we must take into account that the behavior of pet owners on the Internet is marked by two trends:

  1. The constant search for information and the grouping of users in communities with shared interests . Internet users turn to forums and specialized pages to solve their doubts in matters such as travel, health, parks to go with the pet, etc.
  2. The commitment to locate the lowest price within certain quality standards . The affection that the owners profess to their little friends makes them unwilling to lower their quality demands by getting a better price. What they will do is, within a certain level, to investigate to cut costs as much as possible.

Hence, on the one hand, it is basic to have an online store well managed and optimized for marketing with SEO (search engine optimization) ; and, on the other, it is necessary to consolidate itself as a benchmark within the sector by creating and distributing content that is useful, attractive and oriented to satisfy the needs of the user.

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