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Pets on board

If you want your pet to travel with you, we invite you to use the shuttle service in the cabin or in the cellar, depending on the case.


  • Request this service in our call center when you make your air reservation and up to 24 hours before departure of your flight.¬†This service is subject to quota availability , the number of pets accepted on each aircraft is limited.
  • Save time and buy in advance the service for the transport of pets in a cabin in our sales offices or travel agencies. Acquire it when making your reservation or 24 hours before departure of your flight.
  • In Colombia, Mexico, Argentina, Spain and the United Kingdom, you can also buy this service in advance in our call center .
  • You must comply with the sanitary requirements of the origin, places of connection and destination, as appropriate, and carry the sanitary inspection certificate issued by the authority of each country.
  • The service fee applies only per way.
  • The rate varies depending on the country from and to wherever you fly.
  • The service does not apply to reservations with deltanet airlines and / or code-sharing, only applies between TACA Internacional, Lacsa, TACA Peru, Avianca and Aerogal.

Keep in mind

  • We accept dogs and cats and in domestic flights in Colombia small ornamental birds are accepted.
  • We do not carry exotic live birds, species protected or in extinction, in cabin or in warehouse.
  • To travel with your pet as carry-on luggage is necessary that there is enough space to accommodate under the chair located in front of you.
  • The service is available for all routes except for transoceanic (flights to Spain or United Kingdom).
  • You should carry the briefcase for transporting your pet. In case you do not have one we can sell it, this service is subject to availability. At the moment, for flights to the interior of Ecuador we do not have briefcases for sale.
  • Your pet must remain inside the briefcase during all phases of the flight.
  • For more information about some health requirements for pets see the tab: Travel Permits.
  • Animals must remain with a collar, strap, and muzzle (unless their morphological characteristics prevent them from using the latter) during the time they are at the airport and outside of their container.
  • For domestic flights in Colombia it is required to present the vaccination certificate or certificate, signed by a veterinarian where the professional registration number is indicated.

We only accept one briefcase per passenger and with one pet inside it. The following indications must be met:

Weight of the pet
(including your briefcase)

Dimensions of the briefcase

10  kilograms (22 pounds)

Pet height: 20 centimeters

90 inches (35 linear inches)
Length 40.6 centimeters + width 27.9 centimeters + high 20.3 centimeters (Length 16 linear inches + width 11 linear inches + high 8 inches linear)

Only soft cases that can be accommodated under the passenger seat and that conform to the dimensions described above are accepted.


Service Restrictions

  • Dogs and cats less than 8 weeks old are not accepted for cabin transport, because of their size they are more vulnerable to dehydration during flight. Keep in mind that the number of allowed minimum weeks of a pet to enter a country may vary according to the regulations established by the destination; For such reason, we suggest you to inform yourself first.


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