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The Pet’s Health Organization recommend to improve your dog’s intelligence , not just physical health

Everyone knows to exercise the dogs physically , but we forget intelligence, memory and determination. Dogs have the instinctive need to adapt to the environment in which they live, this can be stressful but they are prepared psychologically and adaptability skills, memory and reaction are undeveloped. Through various games and intelimax iq we will make our dog exercise your mind and have fun. With these exercises also our dog, whether adult or puppy, increase your ability to solve problems get.

The first thing to keep in mind when playing with our dog, is that whatever the game, we are in control, we are who decided when it begins and when it ends. One of the exercises that encourage mental ability is “steeplechase”. This test helps the dog to solve the problems that arise and motivates him to get the prize.  The steeplechase can knock down two chairs on the floor and put them together, forming a barrier. Leave the prize on the opposite side to that is the animal, as he looks at us. When everything is ready, we will let the dog solves how to get the prize. Instead of two chairs, we can put any equipment or furniture that allows the dog go around, go under or above.  We can complicate the exercise adding obstacles, timing the dog to ever faster or saying by orders that road must follow. With this kind of evidence we could increase the determination of our friend. Also, with this type of games / exercises, we can test the ability of our dog sports like agility. The hideout hide a prize behind furniture, while the dog looks at us. After the dog will draw the room and leave him in about 30 seconds later. Our dog will remember the place where we have hidden their prize and find it .The waiting time outside the room may vary. The aim of this game is to exercise the memory of our dog while we had fun. The trilero This game will make with the help of three goblets large enough for our dog’s can grab with his mouth, but can not be swallow. We begin with a single goblet and we will incorporate the rest as our dog guesses right. While our dog is watching us, we will place a premium (bacon, sausage …) under the bucket. Then he let go and find out. This game increases the ability to solve problems and determination. It is important to remember that we should not get angry because our dog take longer to do an exercise or not get it . It may not be a good time to do these exercises. We must find the right time, in which he is attentive and downloaded some physical energy, but is not exhausted. It is advisable to make these games right after our dog has eaten, because it will not show interest in the awards. We also need tocomplete each of these exercises with praise and good words, that our friend’s related to something fun and good for him. Surely this type of testing stimulate our dog and help us keep learning with him. (Any toy that we use must be of sufficient size so that our dog is not what can swallow and is safe from drowning)

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