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What is the best alternative for WhatsApp in BlackBerry?

The developers of the company announced that “for now” they will not launch the application for BlackBerry 10 and PGP Blackberry. There is an app that is presented as the great competitor.

The developers of WhatsApp revealed that “for now” they have no intention of launching their application for the new version of the BlackBerry operating system . While it does not mean that they will not present it in the future, many are already looking for alternatives. Line is one of the biggest competitors .

As WhatsApp, Line is an application that can be downloaded both on Android and iPhone and BlackBerry and allows the sending of messages across all platforms. To start using it, all you have to do is register the number, wait to receive a message with a code, enter it and finish the registration.
At that time the software will be responsible for checking which contacts are also using it and directly adding them to the list so you can start communicating with them.

In addition to being cross-platform and allowing the sending of messages for free over the Internet (you must be connected to a WiFi network or pay a data plan), it also allows calls between phones that are connected to a WiFi or 3G network.

The application is completely free for all platforms, which made it have a very fast growth on iPhone, where WhatsApp costs just over US $ 1.

Bad news for BlackBerry users because WhatsApp will stop working, at least for the moment, with the latest version of the operating system of the smartphone company. The creators said they have no plans to develop their software. In addition, as if that were not enough, they suggested that they could start devoting more than anything to their Android and iPhone developments. Anyway, they did not say that they will leave it aside forever, but “for now”. The statements are strange, since WhatsApp is one of the most famous applications on all platforms and although BlackBerry is not at its best, yes It is one of the most important smartphone markets in the world. Expert analysts in the field assure that BlackBerry 10 could fail as the BlackBerry PlayBook, the company’s tablet, failed.

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